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Folding and Textiles,
at the intersection of our passions

There is an inherent beauty in witnessing a mundane flat surface transform into a seemingly complex form through a simple meditative act of folding. This transition is what has fascinated us, and has pushed us into developing expertise in Origami through dedicated practice and exploration. ORIKRIT simply stands for ‘Ori’, the act of folding and ‘Krit’ the act of craftsmanship. By defining our work as ‘made with folding’, we aim to break away from the general understanding of both Origami (paper, small figurines, temporary, hobby craft) and Indian crafts (handicrafts, intricate, colourful, decorative motifs).

Our process entails intense material assessment, exploring their foldability and creating custom surfaces. Study and research into typical origami techniques, helps us design new folds, or extrapolate existing ones playfully at a larger scale. Each product begins as a series of sketches, which are based on our learnings, which then follows a series of prototypes before taking a final form.


We take the technical design (internal structure, fixing, backing etc.) of our artworks very seriously. Every stage and component of the artwork (hidden or visible) is lovingly designed and executed. To us, that is the true essence of craftsmanship. We have designed a series of wall artworks with this process, as a means to share our passion with like-minded people.

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